.Net Framework Release History

Ever found difficulty in tracking the .Net Framework realseases ?
Don't worry this article gonna help you do exactly that. Tracking the release history of .Net Framework.
I gonna update it as soon as new framework is released.

.Net VersionRelease DateToolMain Features
1.02002Visual Studio .NetFirst release of .net
1.12003Visual Studio 2003Support for ASP.Net mobile controls
Supports side-by-side execution
Security Changes
2.02005Visual Studio 2005Generics (with generic collection)
Nullable Types
Support of IPv6 addresses in .net remoting
Common Language Runtime 2.0
3.02006WCF (Communication framework)
WPF (Presentation framework)
WF (Workflow Foundation)
3.52008Visual Studio 2008LINQ
Addin / Plugin Model (System.AddIn.Contract.dll)
4.02010Visual Studio 2010Parallel Computing
Code Contracts
Lazy Initialization
Dynamic Language Runtime
In-process side-by-side hosting
Background garbage collection
Covariance and Contravariance
Common Language Runtime 4.0
4.52012Visual Studio 2012Enhanced regular expression support
Default culture for application domain
Zip compression
Support of array with size more than 2GB
Asynchronous file operation
Improvement in parallel computing
4.5.12013Visual Studio 2013Ability to collect diagnostics information
Ability to explicitly compact the large object heap (LOH) during garbage collection
Additional performance improvements such as ASP.NET app suspension
Multi-core JIT improvements

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