Introducing DVLUP - A Program of Good Hope for Developers


Are you planning to publishing your first Windows Phone app? Or, give your existing App some well-deserved attention in Windows Phone Store ?
Wanna make some money out of your Windows Phone application but so far you have not earned a lot ?
Are you a fan of C# or .net Technologies ?

Let me introduce bad-ass program from Nokia just for you :-)

DVLUP helps developers become more successul Have fun. Earn Rewards. Build New Ideas.

By joining DVLUP, you’ll get exclusive access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for your Apps. And if exclusive access and glory aren’t enough, we’ve got more badges than the lost & found at a police convention. 
( source DVLUP )

DVLUP Campaigns offers you merchandising, marketing, and advertising capabilities for your applications in key Lumia and Asha consumer channel.


DVLUP gives developers exclusive access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Developers can earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for their Apps.

DVLUP uses a gamification model to create a fun, inventive and competitive environment for developers to build successful Windows Phone applications. Developers can earn badges and experience points (known as “XP”) by completing quizzes and challenges related to application development. By creating high-quality applications, developers can also earn additional points and unlock even greater opportunities.

Originally, DVLUP was a comic book, and not called DVLUP. DVLUP began as a pilot program in the United States and Canada in November 2012, and today is available in more than 20 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Poland, United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam, with more countries being added regularly.


Follow the following steps: 
  1. Register at Windows Dev Center.  ( Get free token by signing in here MadeWithMarmalade )
  2. Register Here : DVLUP
  3. Get start with Quiz and challenges
  4. Submit any good ideas and apps
  5. Earn as much XP(Points) as you can...

Lots of Nokia DVLUP backpack stuffed with goodies and prizes awaiting just FOR you! Just go and Prove your talent.

five million dollars. 

Yup nothing is wrong with your eyes here, nor I made any typing error.
That is the amount of money that Nokia is putting into the various rewards and app promotion opportunities available for DVLUP members around the world. 
Don't delay. Keep working on those Challenges, earning your XP, and claim your share of our $5 million reward pool. You will only have yourself to blame if you miss out.

Quick glance of DVLUP Challanges :

some of DVLUP Challenges

A quick glance of Rewards from DVLUP :

some of Rewards from DVLUP

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